Planned litter

I've been given the opportunity to use Emelina for 1 more litter and with this combination I get to make a ¨Kangelani Greatest Hits 1992-2011¨-Litter :o)! In Emelina's pedigree all the original brood bitches can be found and also I'd like to get back some of the old english lines that has built the foundation of Kangelani Kennel.

By using Thanzi I also add E'Zena a dog that have had a great impact on me and that is close to my heart.

There will be many great dogs in this pedigree a really special litter to me!


Emelina is expected to start her heat in april and puppies will be ready to move to their new homes in august if everything goes as planned! 


A few more pictures of the couple can be found here >>

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