2011 turned out to be an amazing year for Kangelani's and it's rellies around the world!


Were to begin?


We have added some new champions and winners to the kennel and i will just name them all!


  • Kangelani's Gentle Thanzi by Clay new Norwegian Winner 2011! Winner of the Norwegian Kennel Clubs Breed list making him the top winning ridgeback in Norway!! He also managed to win the Norwegian Rhodesain Ridgeback Clubs Goldlist for the 4th year in a row!! 
  • Masithela's Irrisistible Chango new Norwegian Veteran Winner 2011!
  • Kangelani's go For Gold was awarded KUSA International top winning ridgeback 2011 in South Africa!
  • Kangelani's Impressive Ino new C.I.B, KBHW-11, Danish Winner-11, RuBiss, he was nr 2 after Thanzi at the NKK breed list, nr2 on the NRRK's Goldlist, 3rd on the Danish Kennel Club's Breed list, he also placed as nr 7 on the Swedish RR Club's Goldlist!
  • Kangelani's Gentle Malaika by Clay Danish Winner-11, placed 4th at the NKK breed list, nr 6 at the NRRK Gold list, 2nd on the Danish Kennel Club breed list and as the 2nd most winning rr bitch in Sweden! 
  • Kangelani's Gentle Leo by Clay new Norwegian Champion making him the last one in the G-litter to complete a conformation title!!
  • Kangelani's Impressive Enya new Swedish Tracking Champion and the 1st ever tracking champion in the kennel!
  • Kangelani's Joyful Juma new Norwegian and Swedish show champion. She also managed to place as NRRK's 3rd most winning bitch!
  • Kangelani's Kuwa Gene new Finnish show champion!
  • Kangelani's Kuwa Keepa placed as 4th best rr on NKK's breed list and ended up as nr 4 on the NRRK's Gold list!


In total the Kangelani dogs has been awarded a total of 16 CACIBS this year and numerous BOB, BOS, BOG and BIS, BISS and RUBISS placements. It has been an amazing show year for the Kennel and we  also see that the genes are passed on as Thanzi's(and other Kangelani's) offspring has done tremendously well!


Ch Ridgebow's Scilla of Thanzi won the Swedish Gold list 2nd year in a row, and top winning Ridgeback in Denmark(DKK's breed list) winning numerous new Champion and Winner titles!

Ch Ridgebow's Scion of Thanzi new Swedish Show Champion!

Ch Shavano's Look Out For Lloyd added a few champion titles, BISS titles and Winner titles during the year!

Ch Shavano's Look Out For Obelix gained new champion titles!

Ch Shavano's Look Out For Tequila also got her fair share of champion titles during the year!


This is just to mention a few!


I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank all the owners for showing your dogs without you none of this would have been possible!! Than you so much for taking good care of you Kangelani's and for wanting to share the rest of the world with your beauties!!


Now we are spending time in the puppypen resting and look forward to 2012 and it's challenges! We also celebrate 20 year as a kennel!! 


So let the celebration start :o)!!

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