New titles!!

Yesterday Gertrud who is the co:owner of MinjimbaRidge Diamond Hasina(Thanzi's daughter) and owner of Kangelani's Ekaya Kiara got some nice news in her mail! It turns out they both got new titles from their weekend in Denmark at the Nordic- and Danish- Winner Shows.

Both Hasina and Kiara won their classes with Excellent but didn't get CQ and the old rules were that one had to be awarded a CQ for getting the title, however now they removed that rule and you ¨only¨ need to win the class with Excellent!

This means that NoCH Kangelani's Ekaya Kiara also can add the Nordic Veteran Winner 2012 to her name and from junior class MinjimbaRidge Hasina can add her first title Nordic Junior Winner 2012 to her name :o)!!


So in both Thanzi's daughters got a Nordic Winner title, NoCH NordW-12 Aflands Abena Talullah and NordJW-12 MinjimbaRIdge Diamond Hasina!! So happy and proud of his lovely progeny!

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