N puppies has arrived!!

On tuesday night Felisia started whelping, unfortunately the first puppy was a stillborn correct bitch. A few hours later yet another stillborn correct bitch was born and as I felt at least one more puppy I called my veterinary who asked us to come in immediately. We took a x-ray and they could see a few more puppies so we decided to do a ceasarian.
The autopsy of the 2 stillborn puppies showed that the first one had poísoned the 2nd one.

So after a lot of drama and few tears both out of grief as well as of joy we now have 4 little miracles in the puppypen, 2 correct dark livernosed bitches, 1 correct blacknosed bitch and 1 boy with an extra crown in his ridge.
Here you can find the pedigree and also the photo album of the pups that will be filled during the puppies first 8 weeks >>>>

We are now expecting Juma to whelp sometime on the weekend!

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