Bö International Show

Past weekend the international show in Bö were held. There were many nice placements for the Kangelani's and also for the progeny of some of our studs.

Bø Int. Show (N) 23.02.2014. Judge: Per Kristian Andersen (N)

BM, CACIB, BOB, BOG1Shavano's Look Out For Lloyd--Thanzi' son
BM 2, res CACIB Kangelani's Impressive Ino ByAscot
BM 3, CAC Dirty Diamond's Akili Kifani By Ino--Ino's son
BM 4, res CAC Shavano's Noble Archie By Lloyd--Grandson of Thanzi

BB, CACIB, BOS Kangelani's Gentle Malaika Clay(l)
BB 2, CAC Dirty Diamond's Almasi By Ino--Ino's daughter
BB 3, res CAC, res CACIB Afland's Bushira Shalita
BB 4 Shavano's Look Out For Tia Tequila--Thanzi's daughter

Big congratulations to all!

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