Ino BIS!!

He sure is Impressive our Ino!! At the show in Moss on the 26th he went all the way to BIS1, Breed: Colette Muldoon, Group: Francisco Salvador Janeiro, BIS: Petru Montean.  He has had tremendous success to date! Here is his impressive results so far:
CIB N S DK FI CH KBHW-11 DKW-11 SEW-12 BDSG-13 HEW-13 FIW-13 Kangelani's Impressive Ino By Ascot
58 x BOB,
33 x BIG,
19 x BIS placements,
33 x CACIB,
TER TopDog 2012,
TER #2 TopDog 2013

Also Dirty Diamond's Akili Kifani By Ino did great ending up BM 3 with yet another CAC :)!
In his home town Ino had to make his debut in Progeny class It went very well as everything this day With no other entering it had to be BIS Progeny!! Four different Ridgeback Kennels represented in 5 dogs:-) From left Ino (Kangelani), Mali (Dirty Diamond) Kipawa (Kifani), Akili (Dirty Diamond) and Akeelah (Kipawa) picture below.
Big congratulations to Alex and Marianne!!

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