Thanzi got his 20 th champion offspring in 2014!

A bit late but none the less exciting update! 

Last year Thanzi got his 2oth champion offpring!!
I am immensely proud of all of his puppies and like to thank all the breeders out there who have put their trust in him as a stud and of course all of you also played a big part in all this success and in the making of these champions!
Also a big thank you for all the feedback I get from both breeders and puppybuyers who have a puppy from Thanzi this is more important than any titles, that they are all highly loved and well cared for!

Nr 20 was out of his litter at Villagedogs kennel, Villagedogs Mystic Rhett Butler gained his croation champion title and also the Zabreb winner title 2014! 
Big congratulations to owner and breeder Dorothy McGoldrick!

Here you can find pictures of all hos champion progeny and also some whom are on their way towards their titles >>>

I apologize if any titles are missing, it's a luxurious problem when you have this kind of problem I know ;o)!!  The dogs whom I haven't linked are missing an active website.

After publishing this it was brought to my attention that I had ¨forgotten¨ one champion, that of BG MK Ch CKRR Club Ch Kinyemi at Inkuri Valley's Indiana! 
So that makes it a total of 21 champions so far!

Show champions from which 4 are international champions(C.I.B)

2 are Swedish Tracking Champions

  • SEVCh Jelani's Beautiful Buddy
  • SEVCh Jelani's Beautiful Butterfly