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Yesterday our golden boy Kangelani's Impressive Ino could add another title to his name: KBHV 2011!! This by going Best Male and also BOS at the International Show in Valby.

Judge was Mr Freddie Klindrup, Denmark!

Biggest congratulations to team Alex, Marianne and  Ino who keeps ¨Impressing¨ us :o)!

What a great weekend we had at the annual Specialty Show and with some really nice results to! Multi Ch Kangelani's Impressive Ino went allt he way to BOS only beaten by SE DK N Nord Uch Ridgebow's Scilla by Thanzi who won Best of Breed! Scilla also won the CAC and can now add N Uch and Nordic Ch to her name!


Other really nice results:

MultiCh Kangelani's Gentle Thanzi by Clay placed as 4th best champion dog.

Kangelani's Joyful Juma was 2nd in intermediate class.

Kangelani's Kuwa Keepa was 3rd in open class.

Kangelani's Kuwa Nia was 4th in open class.

MultiCh Masithelas Irresistible Chango was 2nd in veteran class.

Kangelani's Lilli to Aminiafu was 4th in puppy class 4-6 months.

Kangelani's Lima to Aminiafu won best ridge.

MultiCh Kangelani's Gentle Malaika by Clay won bet liver.

Kangelani won best breeder with 4 liver nosed.

Kangelani also won best progeny.


Big congratulations to all!

BOB Nord Ch Ridgebow's Scilla by Thanzi BOS Multi CH Kangelani's Impressive Ino
Kangelanis breeder group: Ch Kangelani's Gentle Gaby by Clay, Ch Kangelani's Gentle Malaika by Clay, Kangelani's Kuwa Keepa, Kangelani's Kuwa Nia

Our planned litter page has been updated with stud!

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Here are some pictures from Drammen of Kangelani's Joyful Juma(CAC winner) and Kangelani's Kuwa Keepa.

Due to some sad circumstances I totally forgot to update the lovely results of our Kangelani's and some of Thanzi's progeny's great results at the Swedish SRRS West Specialty Show in may! 


It was a 2 day show with 4 diffrent judges.

The 14th of may the judges were: Cath Davis, GB-Bitches and Eddie Patterson, Irland-Dogs. Entries: 110+

In a strong open class of 15+ entries 2 Thanzi sons placed 1st(Shavano's Look Out For Lloyd) and 2nd( Oghami Loves Aston). Best male and BOB was Shavano's Look Out for Lloyd winning the CAC and thus becoming Swedish Champion! 2nd best dog was litter brother Shavano's Look Out For Obelix( who won the champion class) as that wasn't enough litter sister Shavano's Look Out For Tequila won the open class and Oghami loves Alice placed 3rd best open class bitch Tequila later on placed 3rd best bitch big congratultions to breeder Hanne!! As 3rd best bitch placed Ridgedogs Brilliant Leah Sahrami she's the daughter of Kangelani's Gentle Leo by Clay.


Day 2 the judges were Mrs Denise Tatro, US-Bitches and Mr Harold Tatro, US-Dogs.

Entries 110+

Kangelani's Impressive Ino placed nicely as 3rd best male! 

Thanzi's offspring had some really nice results this day. In open class Jelani's Beautiful Blenda placed nr1followed by Oghami Loves Alice 3rd best open bitch was Jelani's Beautiful Butterfly!! In champion class we had Kangelani's Gentle Malaika as winner. In best bitch Jelani's Beautiful Blenda came out on top gaining her 1st CAC and also later on BOS! Big congratulations Emma!


Thank you all for making me and daddy Thanzi proud showing your beautiful dogs! 

Today we attended the International Show in Drammen and we did get some nice placements! Boys first Kangelani's Impressive Ino placed 3rd best male, well done team Alex/Ino! 

Best bitch and also BOB was Vereus Qoya's Hildegarde(Zulu) closely followed by our Kangelani's Joyful Juma gaining her 2nd big CAC and resverve CACIB and as 4th best bitch was Thanzi/Zulu daughter Afland's Abeni Talullah! Big congratulations to Stig and Linda!