NuCh Kangelani's Gentle Leo Son Of Clay

Leo has produced some high quality puppies but has been withdrawn from stud services due to the fact he was tested affected on the EOAD hearing test. 
This does not mean he has a hearing problem he hears perfeclty well and is a healthy and happy dog.

Leo's progeny at Knl Adoreas

Born: 2014.03.28

Adoreas Ridged Ebba
Adoreas Ridged Eden
Adoreas Ridged Edison
Adoreas Ridged Einstein
Adoreas Ridged Elion
Adoreas Ridged Ellioth
Adoreas Ridged Era
Adoreas Ridged Escada
Adoreas Ridged Eveduffy
Adoreas Ridged Eyla
Adoreas Ridged Ezinne

Leo's progeny at Knl Bawabu

Born: 2014.03.07

Bawabu Ebun Ebenrendu
Bawabu Emeka Enyinnaya
Bawabu Enyo Ebi
Bawabu Ewomwoyi Efua
Bawabu Ezeocha Eze
Bawabu Ezigbo Ezenwata
Bawabu Ede Embema
Bawabu Edo Eshe
Bawabu Efie Ezenma
Bawabu Ekemma Efuru
Bawabu Endekeze Etosha

Leo's progeny at Knl Shumbazino

Born: 2013.09.18

Shumbazino Ebro Eshanu
Shumbazino Ensar Tarik
Shumbazino Essango
Shumbazino Ewondo Eyoh
Shumbazino Eala Kefira
Shumbazino Ehyuwa kaan Eywa
Shumbazino Ejuna Ezena
Shumbazino Eleni Mabou
Shumbazino Everyday's Joy of my Life Esenje
Shumbazino Everyday Sunny
Shumbazino Ezola Morowa
Shumbazino Ezume Chitatu

Leo's progeny at Knl Kadamo

Born: 2013.07.27

Kadamo Fire In My Heart HD A/A ED 0/0
Kadamo I'm On Fire HD B/B ED 0/0
Kadamo Lights My Fire A/A ED 0/0
Kadamo Fire It Up HD A/A ED 0/0
RLD N SE VCh Kadamo Fire And Ice HD B/B ED 0/0
Kadamo Caught On Fire HD A/A ED 0/0
Kadamo Set The World On Fire HD A/B ED 0/0
Kadamo Fire Away HD A/A ED 0/0
Kadamo Is On Fire HD A/A ED 0/0
Kadamo Playing With Fire HD B/B ED 0/0

Leo's progeny at Knl Ridgedogs

Born: 2009.01.10

Ridgedogs Brilliant Baileys HD A ED 0/0
Ridgedogs Brilliant Biko
Ridgedogs Brilliant Cognac XO
Ridgedogs Brilliant Lana HD B ED 0/0
NuCh Rigdedogs Brilliant Leah Sahrami HD A ED 0/0
Ridgedogs Brilliant Leon
Ridgedogs Brilliant Liberty HD A ED 0/0
Ridgedogs Brilliant Luna
Ridgedogs Brilliant Rambo HD A ED 0/0
NuCh Ridgedogs Brilliant Zico HD A ED 0/0

Mixed gallery of Leo's progeny



D o B 2007-02-20


ED 0/0

Height 68 cm

Weight 42 kg
DM N/N (Free)
Dilution: genotype: D/D Free
Non carrier of the dilute gene.






Norwegian Champion





3 x CAC

1 x res.CACIB