NuCh SEUCh Kangelani's Cimelisa Elite Cup W-2001

Cimelisa was born the 5th of february 1995. What one can say about Cimelisa or Cimmi as she was called was that seh was a very special dog.

She actually got really famous in the norwegian as well as the swedish ridgeback society. What was it then that made her so special? First and foremost her peronality, she was a the alhpa bitch but also with lots of other qualities.

She got famous due to her obiedience results. Marit layed the foundation that made Cimmi such a great obidence dog. The biggest reason they gott all the attention was that Cimmi reached the Elite class in obedience it is very rare for a ridgeback to reach this high in Elite class. 

Cimelisa was the most winning dog in obedience in NRRK in 1999, 2000 and 2001.

They also did very well at agility competions. Cimmi was a real circus dog doing all kind of tricks.

She also had some really nice moments in the show ring gaining several BOB and BOS placement, group placements and CACIB's.

Cimelisa was compact and rather small bitch with a wpnderful temperament.


Cimmie was the mother of our D and E litter from which there are several champions.


Cimmie is sorely missed ♥

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