Aridgeocrat's Beautiful Elly

Elly is danish/swedish farm dog and is owned by my daughter Amalie. She joined our household in 2013. She has a fantastic mentality and has fitted so nicely into our pac, we are looking forward to try many diffrent ativities with this little gem. Thanks to breeders Helene Ellingsen and Ramona Taijana Lorieri for this wonderful dog!


D.O.B 23/9 2013

Sire: Xantemi's A-Dajm HD:A PL:0/0
Dam: Aridgeocrat's Lystige Lucie HD:B PL:0/0


Xantemi's A-Dajm

SEUCH Falkentorp's Guiness 


Fodagården's Dean


NORDUCH SLCH Youhais Snärtan Stina

Norra Villdans Brazza  NORDUCH Oceloten's Bassi Bass  



Aridgeocrat's Lystige Lucie

Enden's Regin Dagnysønn

NUCH SEUCH Nydningen's Dante   
NUCH SEUCH NVV-12-13, NVV-14 NORDVV-14 EUVW-15  Enden's Dagny Hjertedatter  
NUCH NV-07-09 Aridgeocrat's Tjorven 
SEUCH SV-02 Kabokas Einstein Urax  
NUCH NVV'11 Aridgeocrat's Lilly My  

The picture  show's 3 generations. 
From the top: 
NUCH NV-07-09 Aridgeocrat's Tjorven, Aridgeocrat's Lystige Lucie and Aridgeocrat's Beautiful Elly.