C.I.B, DK VW-15, EVW-15, SE W-15, SE VW-15, NOVW-15 NOW-10-15,-11 BISS-14 BISS-13 BISS -08 RuBISS-10 NuCH SEUch DKUch LaUch EstUch NordicCh Nordic W-08 FinW-08 Kangelani's Gentle Thanzi by Clay


Thanzi is one of the show stoppers from our highly successful G litter. He has proven to be an excellent stud dog passing on his many qualities to his puppies many whom already has made a great impact on the show scene. 

Thanzi has had an amazing show career going best male 5 times at the Norwegian Specialty show and 4 of them BISS!! In 2008 there were a double BISS show celebrating the clubs 20th anniversery, Thanzi went BISS both days from junior class under 2 diffrent specialty judges. He has since had numerous BOB, BOG and BIS placements and the past few years he has been enyoing his offsprings successes as well!


Pictures below taken by Patricia Ljunggren.

Pictures below taken by Karin van Klaveren.

Pictures below taken by Katka Vlckova.



D o B 2007-02-20


ED 0/0

Height 68cm / 27 inches

Weight 44kg / 93 ibs
DM Carrier (N/A)
Liver gen Bb



  • SE Winner 2015
  • SE Veteran Winner 2015
  • NO Winner 2015
  • NO Veteran Winner 2015
  • European Veteran Winner 2015
  • Danish Vetern Winner 2015
  • C.I.B
  • Norwegian Ch
  • Swedish CH
  • Danish Ch
  • Nordic Ch
  • Latvian Ch
  • Estonian Ch
  • Nordic Winner 2008
  • Finnish Winner 2008
  • Norwegian Winner 2010
  • Norwegian Winner 2011
  • BISS x 2 2008 DOuble BISS show
  • RUBISS 2010
  • BISS 2013
  • BISS 2014
  • Top winning ridgeback in Norway -11,-10, -09, -08, -15
  • NKK's top winning Ridgeback 2011 & 2015
  • Several BOG placements
  • Several BIS placements

* Pending

Amalie och Thanzi junior handling>>


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